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Product Review for Food for Health

Product Review for Food for Health

Food For Health LogoFood for Health – gluten free bars, fruit bars, plain, gluten free muesli, gluten free clusters.

Customer review from Alison Edwards, winner of our Product of the month promotion.

I have seen this product before in the supermarket and the “What Can I Eat” website, however I had not tried them.  I can highly recommend to all my friends and family, not just those with food intolerances and the products were delicious and are packed with healthy ingredients.  The gluten free bars were chewy but with a crispy texture – a great mix of yummy nuts/seeds/grains.  Fruit bars were packed with delicious fruity pieces.  Great for breakfast or snack “on the run”.

The muesli’s were scrumptious and easy to digest, as were the fruit free clusters. Great with rice milk.

Generally I found this product range to be “light” but filling – they gave me sustained slow release of energy.  This company has found a way to create a delicious range of foods that are gluten free, low GI, wheat free and with no added sugar.  All the factors I am looking for when searching for packaged goods.  I am currently experimenting with making yummy, healthy biscuits with the gluten free muesli.

Thank you to Food for Health for participating in the What Can I Eat Product of the Month free give away promotion.

View Food for Health full range of products here…

Product Review for Well & Good

Product Review for Well & Good

well and goodWell and Good All purpose cake mix

I received this mix as the winner of the Product of the Month giveway. I had not heard of this range before receiving it and has since viewed all their range on the What Can I Eat website.

When I baked this mix I also added a couple of mashed bananas to the mixture and the cake still rose evenly and still have a lovely texture when baked.  I would definitely purchase and recommend this product.

So to view all of Well and Goods products go to the pantries at What Can I Eat.

Product review for Allergy Friendly Foods

Product review for Allergy Friendly Foods

Allergy Friendly FoodsEnjoy Life Snickerdoodle Cookies.

The customer  had not heard of these cookies before winning the Product of the Month free giveaway.

Snickerdoodle are a product supplied by Allergy Friendly Foods.

These cookies were thoroughly enjoyed and they found them to be extremely filling even though they were small.  They certainly did not last long around the children.

The reviewers did not know where to purchase the products but are now able to do so easily through our new Buy Online feature.

Thank you to the reviewer for their valuable feedback.


Got to the pantries at What Can I Eat to view all of Allergy Friendly Foods product range.

Product Review for Go Natural

Go NaturalWe would like to take the opportunity to thank Go Natural for participating in our Product of the Month promotion

Product of the Month promotion for May

Product range caters for gluten free diet, egg free diet, wheat free diet, nut free diet and dairy free diet, organic diet

Product Name:  Yoghurt fruit and nut delight

1. Bronwen had not previously heard about this product before she had sampled it.

2. Did you enjoy the product?  Yes I loved the bars.  They tasted delicious, I was particularly pleased with the texture and they are so handy to have in my bag for those times particularly when I am hungry and can’t eat anything else at the time.

3.  Would you purchase or recommend this product to others?  Yes, absolutely, I have since gone and bought another box to keep in the cupboard myself. Thank you Go Natural for making my life a little easier to manage.


Thank you to Bronwin for her valuable feedback for Go Natural.  View their full range here and where they can be purchased .


Search the pantries of What Can I Eat to find Gluten Free Products

Product Review for Eskal

eskalThe ESKAL family of products includes over 70 products. This includes the Health and Special Diet’s range.

ESKAL have created products for people looking for Gluten Free products, Reduced Sugar products, Nut Free products and Dairy Free products.   Each of these products has been carefully prepared without sacrificing on great taste!  All ESKAL lines are 100% kosher certified and produced according to strict HACCP programs, to guarantee safe and clean food manufacturing standards have been adhered to at all times.

ESKAL would love to hear from you. Please visit their website for all convenient contact options.

Products Reviewed:  by S Beisler on behalf of What Can I Eat

eskalEskal Products

  • As I have a family with multiple allergies I was aware of the Eskal Freenut Butter, I wasn’t aware ofall the other products this company has that can suit my family.
  • We particularly loved the Chocolate Pretzels which were so Moorish…yum!  My son who has many foodallergies love the lemon wafers and the chocolate cream biscuits.  He was so excited that he could eat them.
  • Sonya and her family would be more than happy to recommend these products to her friends.  Her local supermarket are also now ordering them since she requested they stock the products. My son’s friends have started on the freenut butter and dishing peanut butter altogether sos theycan keep their friend safe.
  • Sonya and her family love the range available, the freenut butter is particularly their favourite, they thought it was fantastic.  They will use it all the time now.

Thank you also to What Can I Eat, the website has helped me to source ingredients and products. The website is easy to use and navigate, I always find products I need and where to buy them. Keep up the good work.


To source any of the Eskal products, click here.


To search for more delicious nut free products go to the pantries at What Can I Eat, choose Nut Free from the intolerance guide and start searching our pantries.

Product Review for Leda Nutrition

Product Review for Leda Nutrition

ledaLEDA (Lee-da)nutrition is a dedicated gluten free and dairy free baking facility, making a range of delicious biscuits, cookies and snack bars. LEDA products are sold throughout Australia and New Zealand in major & independent supermarkets. All products are also Vegan suitable & Kosher (with exception of new Rum Balls).

Products Reviewed:  by M Waterfall on behalf of What Can I Eat

Mr Waterfall had never heard of these products prior to accepting the Products as a give away.

He really enjoyed the products considering they were suitable for so many various intolerances. Mr Waterfall commented that he felt that many products that cater for multiple food intolerances often don’t taste that great.

I will definitely recommend these products to others, I have already share them with my family members and they to were very impressed.

I was very pleased to be the winner of this fantastic pack from Leda, thank you we really enjoyed your range and thought your packaging was bright and attractive.


To source any of the Leda products, click here

To search for more delicious gluten free or dairy free products go to the pantries at What Can I Eat, choose Gluten Free & Nut Free from the intolerance guide and start searching our pantries..

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