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Product Review – Eskal Deli Crackers

Product Review – Eskal Deli Crackers

I love things savoury so my hand went up straight away to try these gluten free crackers out.Product Review - Eskal Deli Crackers

By the way they are in fact, gluten free, dairy free and egg free.

I was pleasantly surprised.  They are thin, which I like, hold together well when you put your toppings on them and have a very nice pleasant flavour.  Sometimes when you have gluten free crackers they can be tasteless but these are very nice.

I used them for morning tea, as a snack after my salad with some cottage cheese and gherkin on them and then broke them up and served with some pickled vegetables and dip.

Yes I would definitely recommend giving these gluten free crackers a try, I think like myself you will be pleasantly surprised.

Marta K – NSW

Click here for more information about Eskal Deli Crackers

Product Review – Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars available from Allergy Friendly Foods

Product Review – Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars available from Allergy Friendly Foods

This review was completed by one of our loyal What Can I Eat fans:

I had never heard of this product or seen it in stores before I sampled it. I need to follow a dairy free diet so I am always on the lookout for dairy free chocolate.Allergy Friendly Foods

The dark chocolate bar was my favourite out of the range that I sampled, the texture and taste made it seem like a ‘normal’ chocolate bar. The crunchy and milk chocolate bars also had great texture to them.

These chocolate bars tasted almost like your average store brought bar, only without any additives. The milk chocolate bar could have been sweeter, however the crunchy milk chocolate bar had the added flavour the bar needed.

The What Can I Eat directory led me to this product as it is a dairy and gluten free sweet and versatile chocolate bar. Great for a little treat.

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Product Review: Vege Chips, Popped

Product Review: Vege Chips, Popped

I had heard about Vege Chips, but not the popped ones.The chips were crunchy with just the amount of flavor, not overdone. I also liked that Vege Chipsthey weren’t too thick and the package size was great to open when we had some friends over to visit.I had tried popped corn chips from another company and found them a little dry, but the Vege Chips didn’t need anything with them to be enjoyed.Since trying theseI have already bought the lightly salted ones again and at a recent bbq I was asked about them & where they could be bought.The large pack had a good amount in it, I’ve seen smaller packs but haven’t bought them. I was asked if they come in different flavours and they seemed to be a great success as they were eaten before any other nibblie available. I’m pleased to be able to see quite clearly on the packaging things that ‘aren’t’ in the chips, which makes me feel confident in eating them. I don’t know what could make them better; I wouldn’t suggest more flavours as the lightly salted is my preference.


Thank you to K. Bouquet, NSW for her valuable feedback for Go Natural.  View their full range here and where they can be purchased .

Product Review: Go Natural Snack Bars, Variety Box

Product Review: Go Natural Snack Bars, Variety Box


I had heard of the bars and I had enjoyed the nut delight bars before, but hadn’t tasted the entire range. They are a great portable meal on the go-natural-logo1go. Probably not recommended as a meal but when I can’t get away from work, they’re a winner. Also terrific to pack when travelling or when on long bike rides. Great range of flavours, crunchy and chewy textures, much more interesting than muesli bars. They are Much yummier than other bars on the market. I generally don’t like such bars, so for me to find ones that I can enjoy eating is an absolute bonus. I have raved about these to friends and family. Have purchased them at local supermarkets.

Thank you to K. Alessia, VIC for her valuable feedback for Go Natural. View their full range here and where they can be purchased.


Product Review – Vege Chips

Product Review – Vege Chips

Vege Chips

I had heard of the brand ‘Vege Chips’ but I was not aware of the new ‘Popped’ variety, or what flavours were available in the range.  I enjoyed the different flavours, particularly the Cheese flavoured ones! I was able to enjoy then more knowing that they were gluten free and 90% fat free. They had the same ‘crunch’ as regular chips, and very moreish! The 80g packet was a good size to share with my family.  Having won these samples and now tried them I would purchase these chips in the future, and I have recommended them to my friends and extended family, particularly family members suffering from gluten intolerance.

I found them to have the same level of crunch as other leading brands, less fat, more of a consistent size/shape than other brands (no fighting over the biggest chip!).  I really liked the packaging – it is easy to read, has bright colours, clear nutrition facts (e.g. Gluten free, 90% fat free).

They had a great taste, great variety of flavours (2 of which I had never tried in a chip – cheese and lime chilli)

Thank you to A. Werner, VIC for her valuable feedback for Vege Chips.  View their full range here and where they can be purchased .


Product Review – GF Oats

Product Review – GF Oats

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.03.10 AM

I had heard of the brand Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats and was delighted to win a bag in the click & win giveaway.  The instructions were very easy to follow and made a delightful real porridge texture, sooo tasty.  I have told many friends about these oats and I will definitely purchase them in the future.  I enjoyed having REAL oats after years of avoiding due to reaction to gluten contamination.

Thank you to K. Hicks for her valuable feedback for GF Oats.  View their full range here and where they can be purchased .

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