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Do we or don’t we need to Supplement?  That is the question.

Do we or don’t we need to Supplement?  That is the question.

After attending a recent talk by Dr Peter Dingle, I purchased his book

“A Supplement a day keeps the doctor away”. Briefly, Dr Peter Dingle has spent the last 25 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and we need to supplement titled

In this book he talks about the science behind why we need to supplement our diet, the overwhelming evidence, medical contradictions and lies, and basically explains why we are deficient if we are solely relying on our food chain.

50 – 100 years ago we enjoyed high levels of nutrition and low levels of toxicity.  People for the most part enjoyed whole foods and healthy lifestyles.  Today this has turned on its head and we are exposed to super high levels of toxicity and low levels of nutrition.  As Peter explains, if it is not in our soil, it is not in our food.  “Half the world is dying from not enough food and the other half from too much nutrient –depleted, calorie-dense food. Times have changed and so has the way we need to look at food, nutrition and our health.”

We often hear that we need to eat a balanced diet, buy organic, exercise more and get more fresh air. All great advice, however occasionally ‘life’ gets in the way.  Busy people often neglect to look after themselves adequately, maybe start to eat too many takeaway or processed foods, push a little too hard or are managing varying levels of stress.  The cracks begin to show, fatigue sets in, poor sleeping patterns emerge along with a whole range of various symptoms, often as a result of depleted vitamin and mineral levels in the body.

Taking supplements then becomes a vital option in a daily routine, in order to meet all the body’s requirements, increase immunity and effectively stay pro-active taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing.

Be aware though, there are many supplements on the market and once again you need to purchase good quality products to gain maximum results.

To read more about supplementation go to or contact our office for further recommendations.

Kylie offers a FREE 15 minute consultation referring people to quality products and services.

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What you have access to here is one of the most innovative systems of health care that has ever been developed.Bio Compatibility & Other tests titled

This test does not compare with any other test, hair or otherwise. It is completely different approach as we are testing at a much deeper level.

By feeding the body in line with the Bio-compatibility test results we are enhancing cellular function. Correct cellular function leads to good organ function. Good organ function leads to good immunity and elimination, NATURALLY.

In most cases a Naturopath would test for allergies, organ function, heavy metals, toxicity, parasites etc etc as all of these things can compromise good health. By feeding the body only compatible foods we are getting closer to the cause of symptoms what we call the Point of Creation of the disease.

The term disease really means that cells are in a state of dis-ease.

By using this test and repair system we are giving the body the tools it needs to help return cells to a state of ease so they can function better.

If we focus therapies to correct one area without considering all the systems in the body it is like patching up one weak link in a chain. Sure we will achieve symptom relief but the damage will appear somewhere else in the body. This is what we call REBOUND. It makes much more sense to start the repair process at cellular level and allow the body to repair all the weak links in the chain.

The Naturopathic model has always focused on finding the cause and starting therapy from that level. Problem is, cellular function and damage usually starts well below symptom level and it can be very difficult at times to locate this starting point. By feeding the body in this manner we are stimulating the body’s natural ability to locate the starting point and repair from that point in the correct order for that person. For example a client may present with one major symptom and several other symptoms. In some cases the major symptom disappears first. In other cases the major symptom may be the last to disappear. This is because we are all individuals and therefore the repair process will be individual.

Often using medications in one area to relieve symptoms only pushes the problem into another area. Sometimes it is necessary to do both. I.e. use medications and supplements to relieve symptoms while we work on the deeper levels of repair.  We have developed a unique program to restore your body at a cellular level with specific products & recommendations.

Visit our website for more information about our Food Test 500 System & Restorative Program

The Healthy Gut Summit May Be Over, But You Can Still Access The Information

The Healthy Gut Summit May Be Over, But You Can Still Access The Information

Discover how your digestive health is intimately linked to your immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems at The Healthy Gut Summit, you can now download all of the audio files from all of the talksHG_SidebarBanner_300x300_Attend given during The Healthy Gut Summit.

This event featuresd one-on-one interviews with 32 of the world’s most beloved and respected thought leaders and physicians. As they each share fascinating new insights and research on how gut health impacts our most basic physiological processes–including how we think and behave–a story will unfold showing that a healthy gut is the foundation for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Healthy Gut Summit will provide you with all of the information you need to:

  • Understand the rise of chronic disease and the symptoms that signal their presence.
  • Learn how your environment affects your gut microbiome.
  • Receive practical advice about dealing with diet, stress, toxins and parasites.
  • How to speak with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment!

With over 32 expert presenters sharing their wealth of knowledge. This invaluable resource is intended for men and women everywhere!

Order Your Audio Files Here 

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