Spring Clean Your Pantry! – It’s time to organise your pantry to make cooking easier!

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to organise your pantry – and in the process – save money!  According to an Australia Institute survey, the average Australian household dumps $616 worth of food in the bin each year.  That equates to wasting $5.2 billion dollars worth of food each year.  

One of the best pantry organising projects I’ve ever had helped a family save $1200.00 a year!

Spring Clean your PantryStep by Step:  How to Organise Your PantrySpring Clean your Pantry

  • As you take food out of your pantry:

Look for anything that is past its use by date and toss!

Group foods into categories that make sense to you (in the first instance), we’ll worry about training the family later!!

e.g. canned foods; oils and sauces; baking stuff; sandwich fillings; bread, pasta, rice, tortillas; lunch supplies; snacks; international foods.

  • Pick new homes for items, based on how often you use them:

Keep items you use often in easy to access places, while those you use less often at the top and heavy items on the bottom shelves.

Use any space you have available – including vertical space or the back of doors! Look for clever organising tools to help you get the most space out of your pantry.  Try expandable shelves, under shelf baskets, Lazy Susans.

  • Put everything back in the pantry in the new categories you’ve created:

Grab a labeler and create labels for the categories you created, (e.g. Breaky Central for breakfast cereals; Snack Central for snacks, The Lunch Box for your lunch supplies etc.).

You can repeat this process in a similar way for your fridge and freezer too.  Creating just that little bit of order can make such a difference to your daily cooking efforts – especially when you cook almost all your foods from scratch!


Article Submitted by Louise D’Allura – Meal Planning Your Way for the Focus on Food from Around the World Emagazine

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Kitchen Favourite’s from Around the Globe

With winter well and truly upon us, I thought I would share some of the wonderful products from around the globe, I make sure to include in my diet at this time of the year!

Just a note that whilst all of these have origins outside of Australia, I ALWAYS try to buy Australian grown products!


Product Country Benefit
Turmeric It is thought that turmeric originated from western India and was first valued for its properties as a dye and then later as a condiment and food colouring and substitute for the more expensive saffron. Turmeric is known for being an anti-oxidant, antiseptic and wound healing properties. It is used for healing colds and flus (mixed with honey and warm milk at the first sign) . Turmeric has been used in the treatment of digestive disorders including flatulence and bloating and has also been included in topical ointments for eczema, ulcers and wounds.
Lemons The exact origin of lemons is unclear, but it is suggested that they first grew in Southern India, northern Burma and China. Lemon oil is used in aromatherapy as a mood enhancer and of course it has excellent antibacterial properties. Lemon juice drunk with warm water in the morning alkanises the body as well as kick starting the metabolism.
Chia Chia is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. The chia seeds are high in calcium and have a good amount of dietary fibre and a small amount of protein.  The research on chia is still being undertaken and there are a variety of conflicting reports indicating incredible health benefits and others stating there are very little affect.
Cacao Cacao is native to the Americas and may have originated in the foothills of the Andes. Cacao is considered to be high in antioxidants and is also considered to have beneficial effects on heart health. Of course, it must be consumed in its raw state for the greatest benefit and will have detrimental health effects when consumed as highly processed chocolate. Raw Cacao is also high in magnesium and chromium which helps in blood sugar stabilisation and with cramping.


Submitted By Rebel Black CEO and founder of I’m Not Fussy  – Traditional Wisdom Warrior – Wholefoods  for the Focus on Food from Around the World Emagazine

Find “Your Perfect Match” within the pantries of What Can I Eat

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