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Questions & Answers

What are some ways to use #Quinoa Flakes?

  • Quinoa FlakesI use quinoa flakes in bread with fetta cheese and pumpkin its delicious
  • I use them to make the yummiest warm porridge and add soy milk, roast almonds, walnuts, strawberries and seeds
  • As porridge and also instead of bread crumbs. I also use them on cakes, biscuits and to top fruit crumbles.
  • Add them to or use with/for breadcrumbs
  • I use them to replace oats in snack bar recipes
  • I used them in place of rolled oats in Anzac biscuits. My daughter said best ever
  • Gluten free craisin nut bars Yummo!!
  • Creamed as you do with rice, mixed into yogurt, and eaten as is with hot milk, cooked in savoury broths and add chopped veges and or herbs similar to savoury rice dishes


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