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Feedback from The Joy of an Aussie Christmas

Here is some of the feedback from this issue.

  • what can I eatInitially I thought the article ‘What is coffee doing to your health’  would be about the negative impacts of coffee and what a pleasant surprise to see Joy from an Aussie Christmasresearch showing  moderate and regular coffee use has no adverse health effects and no increase in heart-disease risk , if not a reduction of the risk of heart disease.    A Mona  Victoria
  • I loved the freezer tips!!    S Donaldson  QLD
  • 10 Tips to Staying healthy Over Christmas – This is always the most tempting time of the year to eat foods that you know are not healthy for your body. Its good to have these tips in mind especially the offer to bring a dish which means that it is easier to find something to eat that matches with your particular dietary needs. Kylie NSW
  • The article about keeping off the kilos called ‘Keep It Moving To Keep Off The Kilos’. I learnt about a yoga website.   For future editions I would love more of these types of articles similar to this with great advice and resources.
  • The rice paper rolls grabbed my interest. I haven’t been able to enjoy them for years and am so looking forward to making them again with the right ingredients to suit my gluten-free diet. Thanks very much!  Erica Victoria,
  • I love the Christmas Fudge Pops as I can make them with my daughter for her Chrissy gifts to her friends and the Raw Chocolate Cheesecake. S Meldrum Victoria
  • It is difficult to identify a favourite article – it’s so exciting to read details of food that I can actually eat!  K Alessia  Victoria


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Feedback from Focus on Food from Around the World – Emagazine Series

Below is a consolidation of the wonderful feedback and product recommendations we received from our readers.

Have you say

  • I loved reading the whole thing, it’s always informative and knowledgeable.    B Bonello  NSW
  • I love the information on products and where to get them so I know what my family can eat. It’s always good.   F Tigani  Queensland
  • My favourite article was “Kitchen Favourites from around the World”, was fun to read and learn about the benefits of each item. A Gorton   NSW
  • Any Gluten Free articles will certainly getting attention as do Gluten Free products. K Nicholls NSW
  • Food from Around the World Emagazine was very informative and easy to negotiate. Many thanks for a great edition. C Kee Vic
  • Thanks for the delicious Sticky Date Pudding Recipe. My partner loves it, but I haven’t found a good one without gluten and dairy-free that I can eat too. I used goat milk yoghurt and even though my partner doesn’t really like nuts, he didn’t even realise it was made on almond flour and loved it!  I also liked the quinoa recipe as I’m trying to find new things to do with it. I’d love to see some recipes about what to do with quinoa flakes – I bought some hoping for a nice porridge substitute, but it wasn’t really my thing. What else I can use the flakes for and how do I cook them? Thanks!  P.S. Like the look of the new homepage 🙂     Carly  QLD
  • Love this site. Very informative and helps with looking after our weight and health!!!!  L Attwater  WA
  • learnt about some new products maree hamilton victoria
  • I learnt that no matter what people say about alternative diets, there is so much variety and choice. Suzanne Doolan  Victoria
  • The GAPS diet article think it may help me will do some more research into it.  S Tyler  South Australia
  • My favourite was page 23- “Products from the Globe!” Ii love reading about benefits of new products and  why we should eat them! M Brown NSW
  • Favourite recipe – Sinead’s Special Fried Rice  K Moore, NSW
  • Very informative and terrific as usual. I liked learning about the GAPS diet.    – T Proctor  – VIC
  • I am going to try the Jolly Green Giant soup. I needed reminding to eat plenty of greens & perfect that it is non- dairy. K Angelides, NSW
  • Sinead’s special fried rice and the banana cononutty smoothie, both great recipes packed with fantastically fresh and classic flavours. Would love some great Mexican sauce/salsa or chpotle recipes.  B Sekhon, NSW
  • I LOVE the new website! I use it all the time. Thankyou ♥ G O’Shea Qld
  • I found heaps of perfect matches, my problem is then finding a supplier who will ship it to the NT at an affordable price. J Powell, NT

Can you recommend your favourite products?

  • would like to try the gingerbread
  • Sole Bread
  • Freedom Foods Gluten Free Muesli
  • Anything form Melindas range is awesome
  • Currently I am enjoying a new crispbread from France. le Pain des Fleurs. There are 3 flavours,quinoa,buckwheat and chestnut. My absolute favourite is the chestnut. Great with summer toppings  and also GF spreads.
  • Fav-va broad beans
  • Maqui Berry Active Powder
  • Barenuts natural museli
  • Melinda’s and celebrate health
  • Orgran No Egg mixture
  • Ayam products
  • Uncontaminated Oats
  • 2die4 activated nuts
  • Soy King
  • Sukin natural skin care and spiral foods miso paste!
  • Slender slim noodles


Congratulation to the Winners of the Click & Win SeriesGiveaways



Franca T QLD

Sandra C NSW

Lisa V NSW

Belinda B NSW

Carly L QLD

Ekaterine M NSW

Georgia O QLD


Jen S Vic


Lorraine A WA

Liz W  WA

Melissa B  NSW

Kylie W  QLD

Gaby K  QLD

Caroline K VIC


Anne-Marie M QLD


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Feedback from our Let’s Celebrate for Special Occasions

What did you learn or what was your favourite article, recipe or product recommendation from the Let’s Party Emag.
We have a Mystery prize for our favourite entry.

  • foodI LOVED the grain free lunch box E-book filled with awesome idea’s. Also the Pizza-Scroll recipe, the Raw Chocolate cake, the scones and the Banana Coconut Pancakes were very much appreciated by my kids !!
  • The home-made ginger beer recipe was my favourite because I don’t like ginger but I think using this recipe I’ll finally be able toincorporate ginger into my diet. Yay.
  • Banana and Coconut Pancakes – going to ask chef if I can invade the kitchen next weekend!
  • I loved the new recipes, its like travelling the world, I become a little adventurous!  A. Gorton  NSW
  • The Lime Coriander sweet potatoes. Learning a whole new way of not only eating but preparing food, is difficult.
  • It’s great to see so many wonderfully new idea’s! Thanks! C Bradshaw, NSW
  • Loved the pizza scrolls recipe! It’s the first I’ve seen with no yeast. Brilliant- will be making it tomorrow!!
  • There were many fantastic recipes and product recommendations with an almost tie with the wattleseed and macadamia nut layered cake recipe and the Davidson plum muffin mix. Being an avid muffin fan and looking for new combinations, the Davidson plum muffin mix is unique and a winner.B Sekhon, NSW
  • I loved the caramel popcorn recipe. I recently had a disaster with it. I could only find conventional recipes for caramel popcorn online, and when I searched for more natural, allergy free recipes they all had obscure ingredients, so I did my best to merge the recipes together and it was a disaster. I had to feed the mess to the dogs and all the kids missed out on caramel popcorn at playgroup 🙁 So excited to try this recipe!  J Powell, NT
  • Healthy Entertaining. I always seem to think of two menus for entertaining: mine and theirs. This articles showed me I don’t have to do that.
  • A successful event can be enjoyed by everyone with the same food!
  • The sugar article was my favourite, I didn’t realise sugar can be that bad for the body, would probably expain a lot of my problems.

Please let us know what your favourite Winter food or product is.

  • Red Cabbage oven dish with prunes & apple
  • Brocolli
  • Moroccan chickpea and eggplant stew!
  • I love comforting hearty sweet pumpkin
  • I love a hearty minestrone soup using freedom foods gluten free pasta
  • Pasta
  • Banana and sticky date pudding.
  • Hooper natural food colouring
  • Roast, slow cooker, soup, crumble
  • Spinach and Feta Quiche
  • Black bean and chicken burritos with guacamole, grilled vegies and chipotle
  • Anything in the slowcooker
  • GF jam donuts to die for!
  • Cabbage
  • Uncontaminated Natural Muesli from Barenuts Natural Food
  • Oats
  • Lamb shanks
  • oats
  • Apple Crumble
  • beef stew or chicken soup
  • potato
  • lamb shanks

WINNERS OF THE CLICK & WIN –  1 pack of Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats (5 packs to giveaway)

T Proctor, Victoria

V Tunsell WA

D BLom  Victoria

S Hamilton.Victoria

M Phipps. NSW


Your chance to WIN – Sky Ranch Bakehouse fresh Honey Cinnamon Snaps premix and pre-made packet.

Jamie Powell, NT.


Shirley Tyler  South Australia

Congratulations to all the entries and particularly the lucky winners, you should be expecting your packs in the mail shortly.


Find “Your Perfect Match” within the pantries of What Can I Eat

Feedback & Winners from the Focus on Liquid Nourishment & Food on the Go!


  1. Yeo’s  1 Yeo’s apron, 1 Plastic pencil case, 1 Recipe booklet, 1 Chinese New Year red packet.  10 chances to WIN –


M. Clarkson  QLD

C Williams QLD

A Payne, Victoria

E McLaughlin – van Dijk  NSW 2153

D Winton  VIC

Anne  NSW

E Free, Victoria

R Hoolihan Qld

A Gorton NSW

V Svenson  WA


designer kitchen labels2.  Label it pack valued at $39.95

Congratulations to :

Chaotic – A Payne, Victoria


food for health3. Food for Health – Muesli, Kids bites, Kids bars and Gluten free bars giveaway.

Congratulations to:

S Tyler, SA

In 25 words or less how would winning a Kuvings Silent Juicer change your life. Please enter your Name, State and email address with your explanation.Winner of the Kuving Juicer – TBA

  • It WONT wake the baby, meaning I could sleep silent too! A Gorton
  • It will change in ways where it will a routine to keep myself healthy will i make my juice every morning
  • It would make it easier to have fresh juice without all the hassle of the old juicer K Allan – VIC
  • Kindness to my body juicing Ultra quick & easy juicing Verrrry delicious juicing In-sync body & mind juicing Nutritiously amazing juicing Get-up-&-go energy juicing Silent Juicer I LOVE YOU!! R Murphy Victoria
  • I have just had breast surgery for breast cancer I’d love to juice for health and healing it would be a wonderful. A Payne, Victoria.
  • Having a history of cancer & now food intolerances, daily juicing is essential to my health. My regular juicer is just not good enough. M  Klimo Qld
  • In the business of each early morning a quick, healthy, yummy juice would ensure that I am ready to face the day! A McLeod
  • Currently don’t have a juicer and as a coeliac I would like to be able to make more smoothies and juice based recipes. A Denholm
  • I have recently started Raw Eating due to being wheat & lactose intolerant and finding the benefits absolutely amazing – I’ve borrowed my mums juice extractor to get me started and winning this one would be awesome – i couldn’t afford $500 on a juicer!! Thanks. R Vella, NSW
  • Would give me some me time at last! C Weston SA
  • How lovely would it be to be able to make healthy, fresh, pure, nasty-free juices and smoothies every day for me and my family ! E McLaughlin – van Dijk NSW 2153
  • Two coeliac children and one ASD child on a strict GFCF diet. Making smoothies or fresh juices would help with out strict diets. C Williams, QLD,
  • I am trying to get inspired to lose a few kilos. I just can’t get started and it’s already April! I would dearly love one of these juicers to make my feel healthier. R Hoolihan Qld
  • Working in the health industry i strive to practise what i preach and 2 fruit 5 vegetables is my daily mantra so juicer would assist. A Walker vic
  • I can make healthier juices at home for my family and saving me $$$
  • My life would become a crazy sexy one as the book says! Carolyn South Australia
  • A Silent Juicer would be such a great help for me as I have IBS and am greatly limited in what I can eat. Fruit and vegetable juices seem to help a lot. M Krawiec,South Australia
  • Four children and allergies, the challenges and joys! A juicer would change all of our lives for the best. Healthy foods – Healthy bodies!!! M Clarkson QLD
  • My juicer has gone to juicer heaven and I really miss it, I always felt so much better for starting the day with a fresh juice, with an extra zing of ginger for pep! A Hannah, QLD
  • Busy family of 5 with active gym members, growing teenagers , university student, workers, coeliac, vegan, diabetics – therefore our nutritional needs must be easy & premium.
  • I have been told juicing is the way to go for my colitis I have been looking into which juicers to try and this one sounds great to use
  • Being a coeliac and recently had gastric surgery, a juicer would be invaluable.
  • It would help me get the most out of the fruit & vegies I can eat! (I can’t have anything remotely acidic or any residuals). K Angelides, NSW
  •  The recipes – they are easy ideas to put my health plan into action
  • The different varieties you can have when juicing. Want to know more about it
  • IT gives a wide range of options for me while i am on a gluten free diet
  • The great recipes which cater to my multiple food intolerances and actually look and sound tasty yet healthy.
  • Easy recipes with wide variety of ingredients! Well done!
  • Making Smoothie a meal is a useful and informative article
  • I’d so love to give it a go, it would be great now while I’m recovering and building up my strength and imune system again.
  • I love the ready reference chart about what you can readily and more cautiously mix together for different juices on page 37. I use a regular juicer but your advertisement on the cold-press juicer has me wishing I could buy one, as I need juice everyday.
  • The sneaky organic puree idea
  • I don’t drink enough during working hours and think that having the ability to make my own smoothies at work would assist me in my quest to have fast food and fluid at the same time.

Share your highlights of the Liquid Nourishment and Food on the Go !


Liquid Nourishment and Food on the Go

  • liquid nourishmentTo be honest I’ve just started out on this journey and I just love all the tips and Ideas to make my life much easier and enjoyable.
  • Can’t wait to try them
  • I most like the recipes.
  • It is amazing, I have made the old banana smoothie for years but that is were it stopped, grateful for new ideas.
  • Being able to mix and match fruit and veggies to make nourishing and delicious smoothies.
  • Liquid Nourishment – helps reduce over eating you can take it anyway – your not locked down to sit and eat/drink..
  • Great new ideas I can try
  • The smoothie recipes-I love smoothies
  • I loved the blueberry smoothie and icecube fruits
  • My highlight was the colloidal mineral article, it is a good reminder. I also liked the link to the additive free pantry info and link to website.
  • Very easy to read, great layout
  • WOW I wish I seen this before there is so many things to choose from
  • Is grazing making you fat? (The question is phrased strangely – not sure what you want).
  • Finding new items I never new are out there and not sold in supermarkets.
  • I am curious how young coconut kefir is made (website isn’t up yet). I am having FMT but later I think I will always be paranoid I am not getting enough probiotics so would love to look into how coconut kefir is made (as long as it has no dairy of course!).


Find “Your Perfect Match” within the pantries of What Can I Eat

Results and Feedback for Fast and Snappy Lunch Box Options

Testimonials and feedback from – Fast and Snappy Emag

  • Hi-I just wanted to tell you what an amazing site this is!! I found it through a newsletter from Annette Sym, and having an adult daughter who is intolerant to a few foods AND also incredibly interested in nutrition(and she’s a secondary school teacher of girls!!), I passed it on to her immediately!!! (She is also studying to be a life coach, with specific interest in women’s health issues.) To think that this is an Australian site…bonus!! Well done!! sjrohde@gmail.comlunchbox
  • I love that it gives my daughter age 10 whom is gluten, dairy, yeast, and wheat free options. I have been printing these books out and putting into a folder for her for future reference, but for now also for me to be able to feed her as normal as possible with plenty of lunch box options. Love it!

• Never new about Nature’s Cuppa Tea & Coffee
• I love the look of the lunchbox cookies not only for my son but for the whole family and will also definitely try the Aribar in my son’s lunchbox
• Thanks for the Healthy lunch box ideas
• Symply Too Good To Be True Cook Books – wow
• I am going to buy eatrite crackers
• Springhill Farm products the flavours just sound divine, never knew they were gluten free
• Loved the lunch box contents ideas other than sandwiches
• A tie between Barenuts muesli and the Silent Juicer!!
• Loved all the recipes – some fast, idiot proof ones I definitely want to try!
• The Aribar… haven’t seen those at my local coles as yet
• Great to find advertisement . I have never come across it before so its just what i need!
• All content was enjoyable to read. Love the recipes.
• The Piranah potato grills, something completely new that I wasn’t aware existed
• Allergy friendly foods I hadn’t seen them before
• The lunch box suggestions – quite a few options I hadn’t thought of
• The Total Food Allergy Health and Diet Guide Book
• Everything without additives gets my vote
• Take sugar out of childs diet book
• Leda choc chip cookies – i did not know about them
• The juicer…and the mango macadamia muesli looks yummy!
• I’m super excited after the first one – cant give any suggestions yet


Find “Your Perfect Match” within the pantries of What Can I Eat