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10 ways with Hot Cross Buns to Suit any Dietary Requirement

10 ways with Hot Cross Buns to Suit any Dietary Requirement

I absolutely love a good Hot Cross Bun and I’m so tempted by the ones that appear in the shops straight after Christmas it seems but I just can’t eat them as they are laden with wheat, gluten, sugar and additives and preservatives, so I went 10 ways with Hot Cross Buns to Suit any Dietary Requirement titledon the hunt for a few alternatives and thought I might share them with you.

Why invent the wheel when these other talented bakers have done it and they look super delicious.

Yes I know this will probably mean you have to bake some, but your “Happy Tummy” will love you for it.


1. “Healthy Hot Cross Buns”

 The Healthy Chef – Teresa is the Founder and Director of The Healthy Chef, a company that creates purely delicious functional foods for optimum health + wellbeing.

These Hot Cross Buns are a delicious alternative to mainstream Hot Cross Buns using spelt and oats as the base.

This delicious recipe is available on her website here


2. “Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns”

Taste are always on top of the searches and these looked like an easy version of Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns.

Recipe can be found here 


3. “Allergy Friendly Hot Cross Buns”

Food Allergy Mama – Dairy, Egg and Nut Free Hot Cross Buns

Kelly Rudnicki is the mother of five young children, one of whom has severe food allergies, Kelly also spends much of her free time advocating for food allergy awareness and improving school nutrition.

Check out her version of the Hot Cross Buns here


4. “Gluten Free, Grain Free Hot Cross Buns” is run by Tania Hubbard who carved her way into the heart of many here in Australia with her innovative approach to food and the delicious results she has from ingredients that are gluten free and grain free.

Check out her gluten free grain free hot cross buns are here


5. “Vegan Hot Cross Buns” – Dairy free, Egg free

Bit of the Good Stuff is a blog by Sharon who is passionate about the world of whole food plant-based cooking.

Check out her version of vegan hot cross bun here


6. Pre-Mix Options – Hot Cross Buns

There are some fantastic flour blends out there, prepackaged and ready to go.  Many of our favourites are listed in the pantries of What Can I Eat, here are a couple who specifically have Hot Cross Bun recipes using their premixes.


Hot Cross Buns with Organ


Hot Cross Buns with Well and Good


7. “Nut Free Hot Cross Buns”

Jane has a lovely blog called Miranya Cottage Kitchen.  She has a bachelor in education and a diploma in yoga teaching and is passionate about cooking and nutrition.

They eat a variety of food but follow a nut free protocol due to an allergy.  On the blog you will find raw, cooked, grainfree, gluten free, foods with gluten, wholegrain, vegetarian, vegan, fermented and meat dishes. Their mission is to try and eat food that makes them feel good, gives energy and allows our bodies to function in the best way they can.

Here is her nut free Hot Cross bun recipe


8. “Sugar Free Hot Cross Buns”

Sarah Wilson has carved her way in sharing with people the enormous health benefits of reducing or eliminating sugar in everyday diets.  This awareness has culminated in many recipes and suggestions on her blog I Quit Sugar.

Here is their sugar free Hot Cross Bun recipe


9. Premade Hot Cross Buns for specialty diets

We have found a couple of suppliers who prebake delicious Hot Cross Buns with delicious ingredients to supply various diets, gluten free, dairy free, nut free etc.

Please check out the Easter Pantry of What Can I Eat


10. “Paleo Hot Cross Buns”

The Paleo Café is a very fast growing popular chain of cafés here in Australia.  They have a delicious looking recipe for those who are choosing to follow the Paleo protocol.

Try Paleo Hot Cross Buns here


Which ever recipe you try, please let us know and post a picture on one of our Social Media channels.






Food Free Easter Fun – Even For Teenagers!

Food Free Easter Fun – Even For Teenagers!

My gorgeous husband and our two kids travelled to New Zealand a couple of years ago and were in Rotorua around Easter time. As the kids live with their Mum, we haven’t had many Easters together, so this was Food Free Easter Fun titledparticularly special.

The kids were well old enough that the Easter Bunny didn’t drop by AND as I am such a health nut; I don’t much like the idea of giving oodles of Chocolate at Easter either. Though a little dark chocolate is almost imperative!

So, to make it fun, generous of spirit and not about ‘food’ or ‘chocolate’, I made a cunning plan – and it worked brilliantly!

We decided that we would each spend $10 on a lovely something – totally un-food related, that anyone of us might like and we would randomly draw names from a hat – and that would be whom we gave our gift to.

We spent the next couple of days ‘hunting’forlittle treasures and had a ‘ceremony’ in our motel room in Rotorua after a gorgeous homemade Hangi meal.

Everyone got a real buzz giving their gifts; the anticipation of who was going to get what – and then, of course, the swapping at the end!

The kids had really gone to a lot of trouble to make their gifts thoughtful – and thought about who might like what… and it was really special.

It was a real treat – and not a bellyache in sight!

Some other great tips:

– Oxfam sell carved paperweights shaped as Easter eggs

– Make a loan through KIVA or another charity – as a family

– Make up gift hampers of interesting books, or nice smelly things, or fresh produce

– Go out and do something fun – have an adventure

Article submitted by Rebel Black – Traditional Wisdom Warrior

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Easter Treats

Easter Treats

For those of us who are dietary challenged Easter can be a bore…no chocolate eggs or nougat filled soft delights, hot cross buns or anything else that is sweet!Easter Treats Titled

If we have children who are challenged in this way it can be even harder…special treats from the Easter Bunny that won’t result in a reaction can be hard to find.

There are a number of products out there that will cater to your needs – this guide is full of them, but what about a hand made with love treat?

Healthier Chocolate Crackles The concept is simple.

Take a quantity of puffed wheat, rice or corn (or a combo of all three) and mix it with your favourite dried fruit (I like shredded coconut and dried apricot).

Melt some chocolate (I use a good quality dark chocolate or a sugarless chocolate, but any chocolate will do) and mix through.

The mixture should be tacky and not runny – if it’s runny, add more of the grain mix.

If you like you can add a little spice with cinnamon, nutmeg or chilli if you are really adventurous!

Place into patty cake papers and refrigerate to set.

This is a really quick, healthier snack to have in the fridge during Easter and if you make it with ingredients you or your children can eat…it will be a double winner!

Rebel Black CEO I’m Not Fussy

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Easter, Easy Peasy and Additive Free

Easter, Easy Peasy and Additive Free

Are you one of those parents, that the week after Easter says to themselves, “Oh my goodness, why did I buy so much stuff for Easter?” Well, if you are, you are certainly not alone as this is such a common thing Easter Easy, Peasy & Additive Free Titledparents go through. It seems crazy that we all get so obsessed with making sure the kids “get enough” treats and don’t feel like they are missing out.

But is this really a treat we are giving our children? Allowing them for 1 day… or 1 week for some families, to be filled to the brim with highly processed “foods” and harmful food additives? To be left in a foul mood, unable to control their feelings and suffering for days afterwards? From my experience (believe me, I have been on both sides of this common dilemma), it is much nicer for them and for you to worry less about buying the brightly coloured treats and focus more on the important stuff. So to help you have a stress free and easy peasy Easter without the tantrums and headaches from you or your children, here are 8 Simple steps to take when preparing for Easter this year.

1. This is always my first step but I’m going to say it again, be prepared! Make lists of ingredients and items you would like to buy and do the shopping when you aren’t stressed so you don’t make impulse purchases, have a plan, have a budget and stick to them both.

2. I love to save time and money by shopping online, it’s the only way you can shop in your pyjamas and not get funny looks from strangers.

3. Talk to your kids well before Easter, explain to them that you love them so much, you don’t want to make them sick and you feel that consuming toxic food additives, even as a “once off” is still terrible for their health. When we are open and honest about these things our children will choose to be healthy! Kids love to learn about and take responsibility for their own health, this is a great opportunity for them to do that.

4. Replace all of the mini chocolates and lollies with small items that children love, like hair ties, cute pencils and erasers, small Lego toys or other little, affordable items that will last a lot longer than chocolate. Easter, Easy Peasy and Additive Free

5. You can buy small plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt; these are hollow eggs that you can pop little trinkets in, so children can still have the egg hunt, minus the harmful food additives. My girls LOVE these little eggs and use them all year round, creating treasure hunts together.

6. Save money by making home made eggs, you can purchase yummy organic chocolate from organic stores and health food shops, simply melt it in a double boiler, pour into your Easter moulds and wait for it to set, it really is that simple.

7. Sweet treats don’t always need to be full of sugar. You can make nut truffles, icy poles and other snacks that are additive free, full of nutrition and taste amazing.

8. Focus your energy on having a fun day, remember what Easter is all about and just enjoy being a family, Easter isn’t about gorging on additive laden highly processed foods and suffering the consequences, it is about celebrating life, celebrating family and just enjoying your precious time together.

Tegan Benfell Founding Director and passionate advocate for healthy children

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A Happy & Healthy Easter

A Happy & Healthy Easter

Temptation for chocolate and sweets is everywhere in the lead up to Easter, with chock-a-block displays of Easter Eggs of all shapes, sizes and flavours piled high alonA Happy & Healthy Easter titledg every aisle of your local supermarket.

More people fall off the weight-loss wagon at Easter than any other time of the year except for Christmas, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you take control. At Easter time, a chocoholic’s willpower can go out the window but with a little motivation, you can resist temptation and continue on your healthy eating regime. One of the keys is to remember that you are not missing out on anything as funnily enough Easter isn’t the only time you can eat chocolate. It is sold 365 days of the year and yet more people quit their diets over Easter, often after making a great start to the year. If you don’t want this to happen then having a plan of attack will help.

For children too, Easter can be like a free-ticket to eat as much chocolate as they want. However, while it’s fine to enjoy some Easter treats the key here is moderation, and to have a treat occasionally rather than all the time. Remember that eating habits are learnt early on and your children will follow your example – so it’s up to you to set some healthy guidelines.

With a little planning now, you and your family can sail through Easter without weight gain and all that can lead to. Decide right now how much chocolate you will allow at Easter and then stick to it. Just remember the more sweet food they eat the more they may crave. If your children are given chocolate eggs by well meaning family and friends, then encourage them to share the treats around and only have a few at a time.

The other treat enjoyed over Easter are hot cross buns, which have around 2-5g of fat, but when you add lashings of butter it’s just like chocolate, and needs to be eaten in moderation. Try to balance any addtional treats with healthy family meals and put an emphasis on outdoor activites, walks and exercise to counter balance the treats.

By Annette Sym

Annette’s cookbooks SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE 1-6 are sold in all good newsagencies.

Visit Annette’s website for more tips and recipes.

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