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Fast and Snappy Lunch Box Options

Fast and Snappy Lunch Box Options

10 Tricks of the trade with it comes to packing lunch boxes

  1. I start thinking about the lunch box snacks on the weekend before by purchasing the necessary groceries and making a batch of muffins, cakes or biscuits all flavours negotiated of course by the little bosses.Fast&Snappylunchboxes
  2. Have everything ready to go for the week is optimal for a smooth flowing week. E.g. Wrap the home-made snacks into serving sizes
  3. Plan to make Sunday or Monday night roast night so that you have some cold meat for the week.  This is much cheaper than the deli meats and you can avoid the preservatives.
  4. Start the procedure of packing the lunch box the night before by popping in the snacks and fruit into the box.  Encourage the children to do this because if the little ones are involved in the process of choosing and packing their own food, they are much more likely to eat the food.
  5. Buy your yoghurt in large tubs and down size into well sealed containers.  Throw in some choc chips if that’s what it takes for them to eat it.
  6. Chop fruit into bite size pieces.  This makes it easier and faster to eat at their meal break times, so they can get onto more important things like play.
  7. Make more at dinnertime and use the left over’s to fill lunch boxes. Eg. Rissoles, curries, fried rice, taco mince, homemade pizza, patties, pasta dishes.
  8. Get children to eat what is in their lunch box before they eat afternoon tea when they get home.  Talk about why they didn’t eat anything left over and what would be a better choice.
  9. Don’t worry about changing the choices in the box too much.  As adults we enjoy variety but children I have found not so much.
  10. Tuck-shop day, pre-organise with your tuck-shop coordinator’s the option of providing specific food to be served to your child if they have multiple allergies, this is a great way to take the pressure off the tuck-shop but keep the child inclusive.

For recipes, tips and more suggestions go to or contact the What Can I Eat Team.

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Creating an Additive Free Lunchbox for Kids

Creating an Additive Free Lunchbox for Kids

Creating an additive free lunchbox is doable – you just need to DECIDE this is how it is. It is no different to DECIDING to be vegetarian. Make the choice and stick with it. So what are some things that I put into my children’s lunch boxes on a regular basis?children2

•air popped popcorn

•homemade cookie or slice

•boiled egg
 •crackers and dip

•dried fruit (organic – to be sure there is no 220)

•chicken drumsticks

•fried rice

•plain corn chips

•veggies sticks


•yoghurt (frozen in summer)

•homemade custard Sandwiches and wraps or cruskits are in there too.

My boys are not big on sandwiches everyday so I just try to mix it up a bit. Sometimes they will have a heap of “snacks” to make up their lunch box. As long as it has a mix of fruit, protein and energy to fuel them for the day I am ok with that. So do not get into the mind set that there must always be a sandwich in every lunch box. My boys only get water at school and I encourage them to drink from their own drink bottles versus the bubbler as I like them to drink filtered water where possible.

For more information, recipes and ideas on “Back to School” and information on living an additive free life please visit my website and blog

Best of luck with the first day of school, whether that be the very first day(OMG) or just the first day back. Fingers crossed everyone in your house is keen and eager. Remember positive affirmations, rescue remedy, sticker chart, bribery and a good old stiff drink is all it may take. Most of all drink it all in, love every moment and take a thousand pics so you can never forget how you looked while you sobbed on the drive home.

Article submitted by Tanya Winfield of Additive Free Pantry

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