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My top 5 tips for reducing chemical exposure in your life and live clean this summer:Live Clean This Summer

For those of you who don’t know my journey, I grew up in gorgeous Central Queensland, the lush black soil was perfect for cattle farming and growing crops.  However, the 70’s bought with it the chemical revolution in the farming world.  This unfortunately meant as children we were exposed to multiple chemicals pretty much on a continual basis.  In my 20s and 30s I found myself continually detoxing under the guidance of health professionals, astounded by the deep levels of chemical residue in my system, but I never really understood the full extent of the chemical maze out there in our food and environment.

So began my intense journey to find products and ingredients that I could trust.

What companies do you trust to provide you with products that will support a Live Clean lifestyle?  Everyone wants to know that what they are paying for is safe and that all ingredients are exposed.  Argghhh now here is the key, let me share some tips with you.

Be aware of words on packaging 

Words like Natural, Clean, Safe, Pure, Green even Organic are the keywords that make my eyes pop lately.  You see marketing is very tricky these days, just because you see these words does not necessarily mean the product is free of the nasties.  Check out our resources on this topic on our blog.

What’s not listed?

Call the company, ask them if they list all the ingredients on the packaging, and ask them what ingredients are NOT listed that are below the threshold where they do not have to be revealed.


What testing has the products been through.  Have the products been endorsed scientifically and can they prove this.  I know of companies whose products were thought to be safe and natural that have since been tested independently tested and the ingredient protocols were definitely NOT ok.  When mixed with water they formed formaldehyde. So do your homework.


Many people have not heard of the Environmental working group.  Just onto their site, they are leading the way in ensuring consumers know about products and ingredients.

Take action TODAY!

Once you find a brand that you can trust, stick with it.  I am pleased to say there are many out there.  My favourite Live Clean brand as many know is Modere, you can find their website here at  with an embedded code to allocate you a $10 credit into your cart to start making the change.  They have safe solutions for your home from the bathroom to the kitchen and anything in-between.  Consumers can buy what they want when they want online and home delivered.