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As a part of our daily diet, bread forms the base ingredient in a series of recipes and delicacies, apart from being a delectable part of meals itself. It is for this reason that when one is faced with an increased prospect of wheat intolerance, the pursuit for suitable wheat free bread options is probably the first step. 
In this section, we will explain a number of alternatives to take, in case you are looking to incorporate wheat-free bread into your diet. Sandwiches, sticks and cakes.  You can choose from the vast range of recipes of sandwiches, stick and cakes made from wheat free bread and other ingredients. Some of the best wheat free bread brands offer a delicious range of pretzel sticks, shortcakes, gluten free beer breads and coffee cakes. In case you are wondering where to buy wheat free bread as a part of your wheat free diet, you can look for options on the web as well. 
If you’ve been advised to switch to wheat-free bread, you can also go in for the likes of wheat-free pizza 
bases, croissants, pies and ready-to-eat meals. 

The Flour Variety 
When trying to look for various options when you want to have wheat free bread, the most helpful thing you can do is to go for a variety of breads made with non-wheat flours. Here, we’ve listed some types of breads made using non-wheat flours. 
 Teff bread 
 Corn bread 
 Rice bread 
 Millet bread 
 Sorghum bread 
 Rye Bread 

You can also go in for the likes of the multi-grain breads, cinnamon-raison bread, cornbread and white sandwich bread for a touch of variety. All varieties are available in wheat free options. Though each of these breads is likely to taste much different from the conventional breads, they can prove to be just as delicious if they are made well. 

Make your own bread 
One of the most economical and practical options is to make your own wheat free bread. If you have no clue on how to make wheat free bread you can go in for the easy-to-use premix bread recipes. There are a wide variety of brands that offer wheat free breads and a wide range of wheat-free premixed bread recipes you can alter to your own taste and create healthier, wheat free options. 

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