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Wheat free products you can source outside of Australia

If you are following a wheat free diet or any dietary restriction it can be a real challenge when you are required to start travelling.  A much greater challenge you would think leaving the country.  I have found an Irish lady who has a wonderful blog entited  If you are travelling to the UK in the future please go visit Aoife’s blog as she does some great product reviews on wheat free foods sourced in her region.  It is extremely important to be prepared when travelling with food allergies and intolerances.  I always travel with my packet of nuts or dried fruit just in case I am in a situation where I can not source suitable wheat free foods.  If you are always prepared you avoid the risk of being left with a belly ache before, during or after your holiday.  Been there done that, not so fun.

Check out some great  Wheat free food choices from our Snack Pantry today for some delicious solutions to have on hand when travelling.


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