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If you’re juggling a busy schedule, it is easy to get tired, run down and susceptible to every cold or flu going around.  When you don’t have time to get sick there are a few strategies you can use to keep your health on track.

1) Embrace cook ahead meals

Winter is a great time of year to add curries, casseroles, oven bakes and stews to your repertoire.  Make a list of your favourites and each week make a batch big enough to give you extra portions to freeze and to eat the next night.

One of my all time favourite meals to make in bulk and keep in the freezer is this yellow split pea dahl curry.  It is cheap, cheerful and delicious!

2) Revamp your meals

Statistics show we waste 2.8 billion dollars every year by tossing out leftovers.  One of the most common reasons for this is not knowing what to do with the leftovers.  The Revamp principle helps you to work out how to convert leftovers from a boring rerun into an exciting sequel.  Ask yourself if you can use one or more of the four principles to making a great revamp:  Flavour, texture, ingredients, cooking method.

To help you on your way look for ways you can turn curries, casseroles and stews into:

  • Pie (with pastry) –  ingredients (pastry)
  • Shepherd’s pie – ingredients (potatoes)
  • Topping for pizzas – ingredients + texture (pizza base)
  • Enchiladas – flavour (mexican), ingredients (wraps)
  • Soup – cooking method
  • Mix with pasta for a pasta bake – ingredients (pasta)

3) Dust off your slow cooker

Give your budget a break with cheap cuts of meat, which are perfect for the slow cooker.  Don’t forget the humble lamb roast also works brilliantly in the slow cooker. 

‚ÄčUse winter as a time to get creative with your food and test out a few easy strategies that will help you keep your body filled with all the nutrients you need to.

Submitted by Louise D’Allura Meal Planning Your Way



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