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Many people who use alternative products that are Gluten Free, already have some understanding of how Gluten intolerance can affect their lives. I thought it might be good though to give a little real life reminder. 
I have this lovely client who came initially for another purpose altogether. When she came she was presenting with; Constipation, cramps, bloating, back pain, anxiety, foggy head, dizziness, energy fluctuations and eczema. 
As a Naturopath I could see that the causes of these symptoms were the wheat gluten and other underlying 
imbalances. She knew she had been gluten intolerant in the past but had let wheat gluten slip back into her diet. I highlighted this to my client along with addressing some of the other causative factors. Now to her credit she went away and totally eradicated wheat gluten from her diet. She used the alternatives suggested and followed my protocol. On the second visit (two weeks later) I was so glad to see that most of her symptoms had disappeared. 
If you have gluten intolerance to whatever degree you know you may always have this but the idea is to increase your bodies ability to cope with that. First avoiding it so your body can get back to its healthy balance is a great start. Naturopaths will use all sorts of methods to improve digestion and metabolism. Usually addressing your deficiencies. I have had great success using homoeopathic desensitization, which is a simple procedure. 
This must be combined with reducing wheat gluten sources in your diet and using the alternatives best does this.

Kim Samsa Naturopath 2009 

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