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About 7 years ago I was told by a homeopath that I should cut wheat out of my diet.

To be honest I thought she was being a bit over the top, and I was pretty slapdash in my approach to going gluten-free. But eventually I gave it a serious go, and discovered I was feeling better. “Clearer” if you will. I wasn’t feeling so sluggish, bloated, headachey anymore, and not so many upset stomachs either! There’s an ad out there for something which says “You’ll find there’s a better kind of normal” which I definitely found to be the case.

It was a bit difficult to do in the beginning – there wasn’t as varied a range of gluten-free products available as there is now, that’s for sure. With trial and error, I found things that worked, and I learnt to read the ingredients labels of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Wheat is in so many things that you don’t expect it to be in! Eg cornflour – what? It’s not always made from corn ? How crazy is that? And some icecreams have it in them?

So many discoveries. I discovered that oats and rye don’t really work that well for me either, so I work more on a gluten-free diet rather then a wheat-free diet these days. It’s still sometimes a bit of a hindrance – if everyone wants to go out for pizza then it’s a bit difficult unless I can convince them to go to a restaurant that caters for me, or if we are invited over to someone’s place for breakfast, a meal that includes wheat most of the time – but for the most part its completely manageable nowadays. I love to bake, and have really enjoyed learning to cook variations that work for me and am compiling a fantastic collection of recipes!

I’m really happy I went gluten-free. Life’s so much better without it.

Submitted by Airdrie Makim on behalf of What Can I Eat

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