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When you are living wheat free, eating out can be a bit of a challenge.

It’s a matter of finding what suits you really. An obvious no-no is an Italian restaurant, as most of the menu is pizza and pasta, therefore wheat based. Some establishments however have started doing gluten-free pasta dishes and gluten-free pizza bases, which is great, but these are far and few between, especially in Ireland. Lunchtime is the hardest feat of all, as sandwiches dictate the menus, so it’s really just a matter of avoiding them. Salad is the safest option, just get the sauce on the side and ask what’s in it. If you are overly sensitive to gluten, you’ll find that sauces are toxic, and the smallest amount consumed can have a huge effect on your stomach causing bloating and pain.

Dinner out isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Many restaurants are seeing the demand for coeliac-friendly dishes, so are beginning to mark these on their menus, by simply putting a (c) beside the dishes or colour coding the options. This makes our night out and our dining decisions much easier, as there’s no need to ask what’s in the food and feel foolish. I’ve tried a range of restaurants serving different types of food; see  The best cuisine so far for choice and taste is Thai. There is the obvious option of rice, some dishes also have potatoes and some restaurants have rice noodles. The curry sauces that they serve are usually made with corn flour. If it doesn’t state it on the menu, just ask. The great thing about Thai is that you can get dishes that are solely made with herbs and spices with vegetables and meat if you opt for that. No need for thickeners or sauces, just pure flavour from herbs and spices, better for your waistline too. The other type of outlets I would recommend are brasseries, as normally there is a good choice available and usually a meat, potato and vegetable option, which without sauce can be the perfect healthy option when on a wheat-free diet.

So, all in all, eating out can still be enjoyable, once you’ve tried and tested. My advice is to make sure that you make the booking, then you have the choice!!


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