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Here are some quick tips on substituting some basic ingredients so you can just use normal recipes and make a few changes to get a similar result. I will take a couple of recipes I just received in my inbox from the website and change them into goodies we can eat. 

Baking with dairy, wheat and egg always gives a superior result and not everything will work effectively all of the time. 

To substitute the flour: take a flour blend that you trust, which is the easy option as they already have gums, raisers and sweeteners or of course you can make your own.

Check out our gluten free flour formula suggestions. 

To substitute the dairy: try one of the milk substitutes on the market e.g. Soy, rice, or coconut. Refer to our Milk Pantry.

Tofu is always great for substituting cream or yoghurt in a recipe.

To make the cheese substitute try mixing some breadcrumbs or pureed tofu together with some herbs and spices.

Butter can be substituted for nutellex or just oil.

You can purchase soy yoghurt quite readily to complete the basic dairy substitution. 

To substitute eggs: egg is a binder for most recipes. Generally if the recipe calls for an egg in a flour based recipe I simply just do the egg replacer substitution which is a product you can easily purchase at the health food shop.

If you need egg to bind in a meat dish e.g.: rissoles, I just use olive oil, some flour or some 
ground oats or mashed potato. Generally if the recipe required egg whites or multiple eggs, just avoid it and make something else. 
To substitute sugar: There are a number of great products on the market that I happily recommend to use as a sugar substitution. Perfect Sweet Xylitol is one of these great products. View our Sweeteners Pantry for more great ideas. 

There are just so many recipes out there now. Most generally it is just a matter of leaving out the ingredient that is the culprit or just choose a recipe that you know you can do an easy substitution for. 

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