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In forums, on my website and in passing I have met a number of women who have suffered from food allergies as well as candida, so I thought I would do some research into what the difference is and why so many people suffer from both. 
Candadiasis also known as Candida is a yeast infection, an overgrowth of candida. The nasty thing is that candida has the ability to change from a fungal form and spore all the way through the intestinal wall into other parts of the body. Most often people associate candida with a thrush or vaginal yeast infection in women… but candidasis can reek havoc on your entire body. 
What comes first, the candida or the gluten? 
The interesting thing about candida is that is can be caused by gluten or food allergies weakening your immune system and vice versa, candida can weaken your immune system and cause food allergies. So how do we know which came first? Or is it that we are doomed to eat foods without sugars, yeasts and gluten forever? 
What symptoms do the two have in common? 
 Chronic fatigue 
 Weakness 
 Dizziness 
 Headaches 
 Flu like symptoms 
 Muscle and Join Aches 
 Sore Throat or Glands 
 Numbness in hands or feet 
 Asthma 
 Chronic Sinusitis 
 Allergies 
 Irritability 
 Abdominal Pain 
 Constipation or Diarrhea 
 Gas 
 Depression 
 Grumpyness or Mood Swings 
 Fungal Infections 
 Yeast Rashes 
 Craving Sugar and Carbs 
 Reproductive Issues 
 And so the list goes on. 
What can help? 
Pro Biotic 
A pro biotic has been recognized for its ability to help build up the good bugs in your immune system and get rid of the bad ones. 
Yeast Free Diet 
The best idea may be to try a yeast free diet and see how that helps. Sometimes by eliminating the things that cause allergies we can get a better idea of what we can and can not tolerate. 

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