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Years ago the skin was thought the perfect barrier to protect us.

However we now know that the skin is not only the largest organ of the body, but it also serves as a delivery system for whatever we put on it. This is why today we have nicotine patches, hormone patches and other patches that are placed on the skin to deliver ingredients through the skin and into the body.

These chemicals that are in our personal care products get in through our skin and as Dr. Samuel Epstein says, they get into our blood stream and accumulate in human tissue. So even if used in small amounts they accumulate in our system and we are using numerous products on a daily basis.

Dr. Epstein, in one of his books “Unreasonable Risk – How to Avoid Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products” reports on the daily use of these products. According to daily use estimates, three personal care products are used on infants and children, men use ten personal care products and women use six cosmetics and 13 personal care products ; with some products that are used several times daily. Assuming that main stream industry products each contain only two carcinogens (and we know they contain a lot more), this can result in daily exposures to six different avoidable carcinogens for infants and children, 20 for men and 38 for women.

That’s right they are avoidable!

The great news is that each and every one of us has a choice. Become an educated and informed consumer. Know what to look for and read the labels. The focus is on prevention and choosing to avoid as many of these potentially harmful ingredients as we can to protect us, our children, our homes and our environment, as these chemicals are washed down our drains and into our environment too! It’s as simple as taking steps of prevention that we do in many other areas, just like wearing a seatbelt or putting a helmet on our kids when they ride their bikes.

1000 Mums Making a Difference is committed to addressing the issues of toxin overload and nutritional deficiencies by assisting and supporting those who are committed to living healthier lives in healthier environments.  We have partnered with those who share a similar view and provide some great safe alternatives.

Ubeaut Kidz is one of our partners who is leading the way in providing BPA, phthalate and lead free lunchboxes for our children, so this is a simple way to avoid and protect our children from one daily activity that you wouldn’t think for a moment was a concern – taking their lunch to school or kindy!

To learn what your exposures may be take our “Chemical Body Burden Challenge” available as a free download on our website.

Jodie Davies guest contributor for What Can I Eat and  Founder – 1000 Mums Making a Difference


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