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As part of the ongoing amazing Gut Summit launched in January  where 35 experts from around the world presented the benefits of addressing your Gut health being at the core of many chronic health concerns.5 steps to healing the gut titled

For Dr Josh Axe, is fast becoming one of the leading experts in healing leaky gut and irritable bowel.

His journey began when his mother became ill when he was a child.  They were a family who thought themselves to be healthy and fit, so this was somewhat of a surprise.  His mother’s health continued decline to a point where she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 40.  She commenced chemotherapy and proceeded to develop major digestive issues.  According to Dr Axe his mother at one point would average 1 to 2 bowel movements a week for about 10 years.

Her health ailments ranged from constipation to autoimmune disease namely Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, food sensitive’s and depression.

Dr Axe introduced his mother to the concept of looking at the root cause of her illnesses instead of just treating the symptoms.  They changed her diet radically and introduced vegetable juices and bone broths along with goat’s milk kefir.

After 4 months of implementing a radical natural holistic approach she returned to her oncologist to find that the tumor in her lung had reduced by ½ and within a year she was in remission.

She also found that her bowel movements started to become more regular, daily, and the symptoms to her other health issues started to disappear.

As Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut”.

In the medical world they are still denying the existence of leaky gut, so what exactly is it.

Dr Axe explains “Leaky gut is typically termed “Intestinal Permeability”.  There are over 11 000 different studies citing and sourcing leaky gut syndrome or should I say intestinal permeability. “

Your digestive system is basically a barrier to your bloodstream from your mouth to your anus.  It allows certain nutrients and microorganisms to go through to the bloodstream and certain things out.

When you have chronic inflammation of the lining of the small intestine, it’s similar to having a tear in your fishing net.  Certain things start to pass through that shouldn’t be able to.

If we take a protein like gluten and put it into the bloodstream where it should never be, our body sets up a inflammatory response which over time can turn into these immune or even autoimmune reactions.

Essentially, Dr Axe explains, leaky gut starts off with that inflammation of the small intestine, those junctions get larger and over time it can lead to immune issues like food sensitivities and further down the road autoimmune-like conditions as well.

So the 5 top things you can do according to Dr Axe are:

  1. Remove the triggers.
  2. Consume Healing and therapeutic foods
  3. Supplementation
  4. Change your Lifestyle
  5. Eat right for your Gut Type

Dr Zielinkski goes on to comment also about the onslaught of toxicity we are exposed to in our water, environments, food and personal care products.

Both Docors  agreed that the first trigger is food.  Food goes into our body on a daily basis, food can be our friend or our enemy.

One of the top foods to try and reduce or avoid is sugar.  It is hidden in everything.

The number two food to avoid would be cows milk dairy which he suggests can be 26 times more inflammatory than gluten.  In an average bottle of milk there are over 20 different medications and chemicals in our dairy supply.

3rd is gluten. We are eating foods today that are not properly prepared.  Our ancestors used to sprout and ferment many foods prior to ingesting, traditionally for example sourdough and Ezekiel breads.  This makes various foods easy to digest.

The last food Dr Axe believes is really adding to our leaky gut problems is GMO foods.  Studies show that herbicides and pesticides do damage to the gut lining creating inflammation.

We will look next week at number 2 consuming healing and therapeutic foods to help heal the gut.

Ultimately though, we need to identify the foods that are the triggers and we believe the easiest, fastest and most effective way to do this is by taking a Bio Compatibility Test and finding out what foods your body is reacting to.

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