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GAINING CONTROL OF CANDIDAcandida how to get rid of titled

The growth of Candida can be reversed but it takes commitment and a bit of hard work. You will need to increase the immune response, change your diet and re-establish normal bowel bacteria. Candida has an enormous appetite for yeasted foods and sugars so they must be eliminated from the diet.


Now the HARDEST part – DIET. You will need to give the bowel a rest and stop feeding the Candida for a while. As mentioned earlier Candida has a huge appetite for yeasted and fermented foods as well as sugar. Foods containing these should be eliminated for a while – at least until the Candida is brought back into balance. You may find that you will always have a sensitivity to yeasted foods but may eventually be able to include some in your diet.


Yeasted and fermented foods. Bread (except unyeasted varieties), cheese, mushrooms, peanuts, peanut butter, vegemite, marmite, promite, soy sauce, tamari, tofu, tomato sauce and tomato paste. Fruits. Grapes, rockmelons, fruit with mould or bruising, oranges. Drinks. All beer, all wine and fermented drinks, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Foods containing Vinegar such as relish, pickles and olives. Sugar. You will need to keep your sugar-levels down so no cakes, biscuits, sweets, ice creams, soft drinks, fruit juices and malted foods. Dairy products. Cheese, milk and ice cream This sounds very stringent because if you have a Candida problem this will probably represent a large portion of your normal diet. You will have to change your eating patterns for at least a period of time to achieve a balance in your system.


Vegetables and salads – Eat as many as you like. Fruit – Up to three pieces a day especially bananas, apples and pears. Drinks – Purified water, uncarbonated mineral water (Vittel or Evian), herbal teas (caffeine free), pure fruit juices except tomatoe and orange.Soy milk (unsweetened) Fish- Either grilled, baked, pan fried in olive oil or stir fried. Meat – Organic chicken (Lorax), small amounts of red Organic meat (if organic meat is unavailable, lamb is the recommended choice.) Whole grains – such as rice, millet, buchwheat, rolled oats, etc. Unyeasted breads- rice crackers, tortillas, rivita and pita bread are acceptable. Yeast free pasta is o.k. Also-organic eggs,plain yoghurt, plain soy milk (Vita-Soy,Aussie-Soy)

Also you need to start a course of pro-biotics.

 Candida is the cause of a number of fungal infections, there are many other environmental factors that cause Candida to flourish , so let’s have a look at that along with what are the common symptoms YOU may be experiencing?


One of the critical steps to eliminating candida is to heal your gut. We invite you to review our gut healing program on What Can I Eat?


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