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It is well know that Food Allergies and Intolerances are growing at an enormous rate within Australia amongst our children.Baby Test image

If you yourself have food intolerances that have gone unidentified you will pass on this weakness onto children, so it is best to rectify this as soon as possible within yourself, prior to having more children or assisting your child to heal before it becomes more serious.

It is well known that allergies and food intolerances can be genetic, however it can be an onset of many other issues.

With a study in 2008-2009 showing that the average baby is born with around 300 different environmental toxins in their blood stream this could well be another issue that needs addressing.

Gut Health is another key indicator within our society that is beginning to be recognized as a significant issue in our overall health.  I know in my own family that many of the foods we were intolerant to, once identified via the Hair Test and eliminated for a period, then partnered with a program to repair our Gut Health was the instigator in our restored health today.

Probiotic/Super Symbiotic are extremely powerful in the gut healing process along with the additional unique products we recommend, can be introduced to babies at any age successfully.

Our baby test kit includes a variety of common foods that are consumed specifically by this age group and paired with the Hair Test 500 to include the foods they will be consuming now and transitioning to.   You may find that some of the foods that are identified as incompatible for the child have not been even introduced as yet.  This is quite common as they may be a food that is a problem for you and has not been identified.

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