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Prior to me receiving Yeos Rendang Paste, I was aware of it but had not actually ever bought or used it. Simultaneously I had purchased a Thermomix.  To my delight I saw a recipe in the book for Rendang beef, whichrendang paste review titled listed of course all the ingredients to go into the dish, which of course I did not possess in my limited herbs and spices pantry.

I am fairly cautious about trying many of these blends, as I am not very confident with Asian cooking I must say.  Usually Asian meals are our take out meal.  Anyway I decided it was time to get creative and do something different regardless of what the family response might be.

Well I am so excited to report this trial was a success and we are now raving fans of this delicious little medley. It was so easy to be able to grab the jar and instead of having to add all the various spices suggested in the recipe, I just added the equivalent in the Rendang Paste.

I am an absolute convert Yeo’s.  I loved this dish for something different in our repertoire of meal and veg dishes.  I think this dish would be particularly delicious during the cooler months, as the spices were very warming.

I highly recommend and encourage anyone to grab yourself a jar of this blend to have in the fridge as you will be pleasantly surprised.

I am feeling more confident about trying the other blends after this great experience.

Check out Yeos Rendang Beef Paste in the What Can I Eat Pantry.