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The issue of Oats being labeled gluten free is quite contentious here in Australia.  This is the same product that is labeled gluten free in the US, UK and various parts of the northern hemisphere. The issue if regardingGF Oats titled the discussion around whether oats contain gluten or not.

The short is answer is every grain, including corn, which is labeled gluten free, contains protein, which is called gluten, however they all have different strains, varying levels of tolerance and detection by current testing protocols.

Oats have a strain of gluten called Avenin and by the research conducted it seems that as long as they are uncontaminated by the gluten found in the more intolerable gluten strains found in wheat, rye and barley, they can be tolerated by those who are following a gluten free diet.

The Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats are grown in the USA and are grown and processed in a dedicated gluten free facility.  They are imported into Australia by GK Gluten Free Foods and sold at  They are the only oats that show a test result on the packaging less that 3ppm which would effectively enable them to be labeled gluten free however in Australia there is an additional requirement in the labeling laws that does not allow any product that contains oats to be labeled gluten free.

The oats are thinly rolled but are not as fine as a quick oat, which still enables the product to be easily and quickly cooked up.  They are very creamy in consistency and taste delicious and feel nutritious.

I would highly recommend trying this product if you are avoiding gluten in other forms.  You can buy them in 500g packs and in bulk, which can save you some money.

 Check them out in the What Can I Eat pantries.