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My gorgeous husband and our two kids travelled to New Zealand a couple of years ago and were in Rotorua around Easter time. As the kids live with their Mum, we haven’t had many Easters together, so this was Food Free Easter Fun titledparticularly special.

The kids were well old enough that the Easter Bunny didn’t drop by AND as I am such a health nut; I don’t much like the idea of giving oodles of Chocolate at Easter either. Though a little dark chocolate is almost imperative!

So, to make it fun, generous of spirit and not about ‘food’ or ‘chocolate’, I made a cunning plan – and it worked brilliantly!

We decided that we would each spend $10 on a lovely something – totally un-food related, that anyone of us might like and we would randomly draw names from a hat – and that would be whom we gave our gift to.

We spent the next couple of days ‘hunting’forlittle treasures and had a ‘ceremony’ in our motel room in Rotorua after a gorgeous homemade Hangi meal.

Everyone got a real buzz giving their gifts; the anticipation of who was going to get what – and then, of course, the swapping at the end!

The kids had really gone to a lot of trouble to make their gifts thoughtful – and thought about who might like what… and it was really special.

It was a real treat – and not a bellyache in sight!

Some other great tips:

– Oxfam sell carved paperweights shaped as Easter eggs

– Make a loan through KIVA or another charity – as a family

– Make up gift hampers of interesting books, or nice smelly things, or fresh produce

– Go out and do something fun – have an adventure

Article submitted by Rebel Black – Traditional Wisdom Warrior

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