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As I look into the new energy and opportunities of 2015, I always think of the things I can change in order to get a different result both in my business and in my personal life. Health should really be on that list as well. You know the saying if we don’t have our health we simply don’t have anything.

As we reflect on 2014, now is a great time to reevaluate how our health stood up for the year. Let me ask a few personal questions if I may:

How many days were you sick last year?

How many days off work did you have, how much money did you lose to illness?

Now these questions can also be extended to include your children as well.

How many days off school did they have?

This means of course that you or someone else had to have a day off work to look after them. I calculated for a friend that she had lost $1500 in work from either her or her daughter being sick. Quite significant isn’t it?

We live in a world where there is clearly a sickness industry and a wellness industry, but I can tell you that there is a huge underground movement towards wellness. People are sick of being sick and all the various dietary protocols are simply making it even more confusing for many people.  Follow the money trail I always say, there is no money in the wellness industry per say, but there certainly is a lot of money in the sickness industry. You can choose which path you take and I would love to hold your hand as I have changed my path and have never looked back.

See I was part of that sickness industry for 18 years and it has taken me even longer than that to recover from it, but it can be done.

I have a simple equation that I would like you to consider that may assist you to join the dots together for yourself and empower you to get well and stay well in 2015.

The story starts with food. We eat it every day and some foods are our friend and some are our foe. So, unless you do an elimination diet you will not know for absolute certain which foods are reacting for you. You can be following all the dietary protocols around, e.g. Gluten free, fructose free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, but if you are reacting to something in those dietary protocols your hard work simply goes unnoticed. We need to get to the root cause, identify those problem foods and eliminate them to start the healing process. Otherwise you have one foot on the break and one on the accelerator – going nowhere.

Gut Health is the next step along with addressing toxicity exposure in your life.

This is in fact a simple 3-step process that can make the changes you are looking for in 2015. I kid you not, your life and health will change forever with a few simple changes, why not make that change?

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