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I know that something is wrong, you are not feeling well or you are just not performing at 100%. 

Bio compatibility, food intolerance, food sensitivities

Food intolerance testing


The beauty about The Hair Test 500 is:

  • you will get the results immediately – no strike diets to follow
  • you can ditch foods that are no good for you – Find Friend or Foe
  • It’s simple, effective and accurate

There are no appointments or consultations fees required, so no additional ongoing fees, which makes this test able to be delivered anywhere in the world. Keeps costs down.

Feel better within 4-6 weeks, sometimes sooner. Your results are delivered with a full 13 page report outlining how you can get the best results in the shortest time and a BONUS RETEST VOUCHER.

This is seriously a fast track elimination programme. 

Here are some Case Studies:

  • “A lady came to me following the Paleo Protocol.  She was experiencing gut pain, no energy, heavy black rings under her eyes.  After taking the Hair Test 500 we found she was intolerant to beef and shell fish”.
  • A friend had headaches for over 15yrs off and on, after taking the Hair Test 500, she found that onions were her main trigger.  The headaches were gone after the first week.
  • Helen suffered for 15years from Eczema. She had tried creams, lotions and potions over this time with only marginal results. After taking the Hair Test 500 her Eczema had started to visibly clear within 4 days.  The main offenders on the list were Lettuc, Chicken, Mushrooms and Whiskey.
  • A mum took a Hair Test 500 for her son who had terrible acne.  The food test revealed that bread was a major problem for him.  By reducing the bread in his diet by 80%, his acne signficantly reduced to the point where he became self motivated and cut the bread completely.
  • My son was getting random pains in the stomach, I could not pin point what he was eating and what was making him feeling sick. We discovered that food colourings were a major problem for him, once we cut out all the colours the sickness stopped.

If you are ready and want help now here is the link for you to go straight away and order the Kit.

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