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sugarOkay, so the truth is that the whole sugar thing totally overwhelms me, well at least it used to.

I used to ask myself, should I be eating the white refined stuff, or raw agave nectar or maple syrup or honey or coconut sugar or brown sugar or palm sugar or ….holy crackers…I don’t know…???

So after much research and sugary soul searching my philosophy is this…raw, cold pressed, fair trade, natural, local or regional.

I read an article recently that said don’t eat agave syrup…all the while I had a bottle in the fridge that I had been adding to everything thinking that it was okay…I got overwhelmed and then freaked out and then I thought, you know what this is my life, my body, my decision.


If you aren’t vegan, then, cold pressed, local honey is the go…delicious and sweet and sustainable. If you make vegan choices perhaps organic rice syrup is the choice for you, it is easy to attain, from an extraction process perspective, not necessarily a purchasing process, but it’s fair trade and low GI and very tasty.

I eat, raw cold pressed honey, organic rice syrup and occasionally raw organic palm sugar, fair trade.

BUT, there is caveat in deciding that ‘raw’ or ‘natural’ sugar is better than the other stuff and the caveat is, pay attention to your own body.

After I have eaten something with sugar in it, including ANY of those mentioned above, I have a reaction… my bowel reactions are different, I feel different, I sleep different…in fact often, if I have eaten it before bed, I don’t sleep at all AND in the morning, well, let me say…grog bog…without the alcohol, because, according to the body, sugar behaves in exactly the same way as alcohol… so be warned. Not pretty, nor smart!

Sugar, whatever way it comes to us, is not that brilliant, so eat it sparingly and with caution, but also, have fun enjoying experimenting with new flavours and tastes!

Submitted By Rebel Black – Traditional Wisdom Warrior – Wholefoods for the What Can I Eat – Focus On Emagazine – Let’s Party for Special Occasions


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