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Terror at son’s severe reaction

In last week’s Sunday mail we saw the story outlined on how Anthony Field’s son, aka “Blue Wiggle” , had a brush with death after suffering from an allergic reaction to peanuts.  The young toddler “Antonio” had eaten peanut butter, which he had had before, but this time his body went red, he had trouble breathing, his throat hurt, he broke out in hives and his lips swelled up.  He recovered well but tests confirmed anaphylaxis – an allergy that can kill.

This diagnosis has now changed their lives along with a growing number of other families throughout Australia and the world.  They must carry the emergency adrenaline injector or Epipen with them where ever they go.  Up to 2 per cent of the population and up to 5 per cent of children are at risk.

The most common causes in young children are eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, cows milk, bee and insect stings, and some medications.


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