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Allergen BureauLatest updates

  • Safety of sourdough fermented wheat products for coeliacs

Researchers in Italy have recently published the results of two studies into the safety for coeliacs of wheat products rendered gluten-free using sough dough fermentation. One of the studies was aimed at showing the safety of sweet baked sourdough products for young patients with coeliac disease while the other evaluated the safety of daily administration of baked sourdough products amongst adults with coeliac disease.

  • Clinical differences in peanut allergy around the world

Peanut allergy appears to have different clinical and immunological patterns in different parts of the world according to a recently-published study conducted on patients in Spain, Sweden and the U.S.A. The researchers looked at the symptoms, blood antibodies to peanut, sensitivities to several different peanut proteins, and sensitivities to a panel of grass and tree pollens in a total of115 peanut-allergic patients.

  • Buckwheat and other grains make good gluten-free products

Several different alternative crops including amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat, are increasingly being used as raw materials in the development of new gluten-free products with greater functional properties compared to conventional products made with wheat flours.

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