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Testimonials and feedback from – Fast and Snappy Emag

  • Hi-I just wanted to tell you what an amazing site this is!! I found it through a newsletter from Annette Sym, and having an adult daughter who is intolerant to a few foods AND also incredibly interested in nutrition(and she’s a secondary school teacher of girls!!), I passed it on to her immediately!!! (She is also studying to be a life coach, with specific interest in women’s health issues.) To think that this is an Australian site…bonus!! Well done!! sjrohde@gmail.comlunchbox
  • I love that it gives my daughter age 10 whom is gluten, dairy, yeast, and wheat free options. I have been printing these books out and putting into a folder for her for future reference, but for now also for me to be able to feed her as normal as possible with plenty of lunch box options. Love it!

• Never new about Nature’s Cuppa Tea & Coffee
• I love the look of the lunchbox cookies not only for my son but for the whole family and will also definitely try the Aribar in my son’s lunchbox
• Thanks for the Healthy lunch box ideas
• Symply Too Good To Be True Cook Books – wow
• I am going to buy eatrite crackers
• Springhill Farm products the flavours just sound divine, never knew they were gluten free
• Loved the lunch box contents ideas other than sandwiches
• A tie between Barenuts muesli and the Silent Juicer!!
• Loved all the recipes – some fast, idiot proof ones I definitely want to try!
• The Aribar… haven’t seen those at my local coles as yet
• Great to find advertisement . I have never come across it before so its just what i need!
• All content was enjoyable to read. Love the recipes.
• The Piranah potato grills, something completely new that I wasn’t aware existed
• Allergy friendly foods I hadn’t seen them before
• The lunch box suggestions – quite a few options I hadn’t thought of
• The Total Food Allergy Health and Diet Guide Book
• Everything without additives gets my vote
• Take sugar out of childs diet book
• Leda choc chip cookies – i did not know about them
• The juicer…and the mango macadamia muesli looks yummy!
• I’m super excited after the first one – cant give any suggestions yet


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