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Here is some of the feedback from this issue.

  • what can I eatInitially I thought the article ‘What is coffee doing to your health’  would be about the negative impacts of coffee and what a pleasant surprise to see Joy from an Aussie Christmasresearch showing  moderate and regular coffee use has no adverse health effects and no increase in heart-disease risk , if not a reduction of the risk of heart disease.    A Mona  Victoria
  • I loved the freezer tips!!    S Donaldson  QLD
  • 10 Tips to Staying healthy Over Christmas – This is always the most tempting time of the year to eat foods that you know are not healthy for your body. Its good to have these tips in mind especially the offer to bring a dish which means that it is easier to find something to eat that matches with your particular dietary needs. Kylie NSW
  • The article about keeping off the kilos called ‘Keep It Moving To Keep Off The Kilos’. I learnt about a yoga website.   For future editions I would love more of these types of articles similar to this with great advice and resources.
  • The rice paper rolls grabbed my interest. I haven’t been able to enjoy them for years and am so looking forward to making them again with the right ingredients to suit my gluten-free diet. Thanks very much!  Erica Victoria,
  • I love the Christmas Fudge Pops as I can make them with my daughter for her Chrissy gifts to her friends and the Raw Chocolate Cheesecake. S Meldrum Victoria
  • It is difficult to identify a favourite article – it’s so exciting to read details of food that I can actually eat!  K Alessia  Victoria


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