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What did you learn or what was your favourite article, recipe or product recommendation from the Let’s Party Emag.
We have a Mystery prize for our favourite entry.

  • foodI LOVED the grain free lunch box E-book filled with awesome idea’s. Also the Pizza-Scroll recipe, the Raw Chocolate cake, the scones and the Banana Coconut Pancakes were very much appreciated by my kids !!
  • The home-made ginger beer recipe was my favourite because I don’t like ginger but I think using this recipe I’ll finally be able toincorporate ginger into my diet. Yay.
  • Banana and Coconut Pancakes – going to ask chef if I can invade the kitchen next weekend!
  • I loved the new recipes, its like travelling the world, I become a little adventurous!  A. Gorton  NSW
  • The Lime Coriander sweet potatoes. Learning a whole new way of not only eating but preparing food, is difficult.
  • It’s great to see so many wonderfully new idea’s! Thanks! C Bradshaw, NSW
  • Loved the pizza scrolls recipe! It’s the first I’ve seen with no yeast. Brilliant- will be making it tomorrow!!
  • There were many fantastic recipes and product recommendations with an almost tie with the wattleseed and macadamia nut layered cake recipe and the Davidson plum muffin mix. Being an avid muffin fan and looking for new combinations, the Davidson plum muffin mix is unique and a winner.B Sekhon, NSW
  • I loved the caramel popcorn recipe. I recently had a disaster with it. I could only find conventional recipes for caramel popcorn online, and when I searched for more natural, allergy free recipes they all had obscure ingredients, so I did my best to merge the recipes together and it was a disaster. I had to feed the mess to the dogs and all the kids missed out on caramel popcorn at playgroup 🙁 So excited to try this recipe!  J Powell, NT
  • Healthy Entertaining. I always seem to think of two menus for entertaining: mine and theirs. This articles showed me I don’t have to do that.
  • A successful event can be enjoyed by everyone with the same food!
  • The sugar article was my favourite, I didn’t realise sugar can be that bad for the body, would probably expain a lot of my problems.

Please let us know what your favourite Winter food or product is.

  • Red Cabbage oven dish with prunes & apple
  • Brocolli
  • Moroccan chickpea and eggplant stew!
  • I love comforting hearty sweet pumpkin
  • I love a hearty minestrone soup using freedom foods gluten free pasta
  • Pasta
  • Banana and sticky date pudding.
  • Hooper natural food colouring
  • Roast, slow cooker, soup, crumble
  • Spinach and Feta Quiche
  • Black bean and chicken burritos with guacamole, grilled vegies and chipotle
  • Anything in the slowcooker
  • GF jam donuts to die for!
  • Cabbage
  • Uncontaminated Natural Muesli from Barenuts Natural Food
  • Oats
  • Lamb shanks
  • oats
  • Apple Crumble
  • beef stew or chicken soup
  • potato
  • lamb shanks

WINNERS OF THE CLICK & WIN –  1 pack of Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats (5 packs to giveaway)

T Proctor, Victoria

V Tunsell WA

D BLom  Victoria

S Hamilton.Victoria

M Phipps. NSW


Your chance to WIN – Sky Ranch Bakehouse fresh Honey Cinnamon Snaps premix and pre-made packet.

Jamie Powell, NT.


Shirley Tyler  South Australia

Congratulations to all the entries and particularly the lucky winners, you should be expecting your packs in the mail shortly.


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